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Derek Walcott[Derek_Walcott]


Место проживания: St. Lucia
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Биография Derek Walcott

Personal Webpage Derek Walcott

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A City's Death By Fire :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (5607 Показы)

A Far Cry From Africa :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (7389 Показы)

After the Storm :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (5768 Показы)

Blues :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (7246 Показы)

Codicil :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (5687 Показы)

Egypt, Tobago :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (5674 Показы)

Forest of Europe :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (5731 Показы)

In The Virgins :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (5588 Показы)

Koening Of The River :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (5334 Показы)

Love After Love :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (6527 Показы)

Midsummer, Tobago :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (6598 Показы)

Night in the Gardens of Port of Spain :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (6062 Показы)

R.T.S.L. (1917-1977) :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (5004 Показы)

Sabbaths, W.I. :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (5484 Показы)

The Glory Trumpeter :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (7859 Показы)

The Saddhu Of Couva :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (5787 Показы)

The Sea Is History :
Стихотворения 2009-08-06 (6148 Показы)

Страница: 1

Биография Derek Walcott

Derek Alton Walcott (born January 23, 1930) is a Caribbean poet, playwright, writer and visual artist. Born in Castries, St. Lucia, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992.

His work, which developed independently of the schools of magic realism emerging in both South America and Europe at around the time of his birth, is intensely related to the symbolism of myth and its relationship to culture. He is best known for his epic poem Omeros, a reworking of Homeric story and tradition into a journey around the Caribbean and beyond to the American West and London.

Walcott founded the Trinidad Theatre Workshop in 1959, which has produced his plays (and others) since that time, and remains active with its Board of Directors. He also founded Boston Playwrights' Theatre at Boston University in 1981 with the hope of creating a home for new plays in Boston, Massachusetts. Walcott retired from teaching poetry and drama in the Creative Writing Department at Boston University in 2007. In fall 2009, he will commence a three year distinguished scholar in residence position at University of Alberta. He continues to give readings and lectures throughout the world. He divides his time between his home in the Caribbean and New York City. In 2009 he withdrew his candidacy for the position of Oxford Professor of Poetry after two allegations of sexual harassment of students came to light.

Alton Derek Walcott (născut la 23 ianuarie 1930) este poet, dramaturg, scriitor si artist vizual. Născut în Castries, St Lucia, a câștigat Premiul Nobel pentru Literatură în 1992.
El este cunoscut mai mult pentru poemul epic "Omeros".
Walcott oferă lecturi și prelegeri, în întreaga lume, împărţindu-și timpul între ţara sa de origine - Caraibe și New York City. În 2009 el și-a retras candidatura pentru funcţia de profesor de Poezie la Oxford, după ce două acuzaţii de hărţuire sexuală asupra elevilor au ieșit la iveală.

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